Pacific Goat

Pacific Goat

Pacific Goat (Capra hircus) Available year-round.

The Pacific Goat is a mixture of wild and domestic breeds, resulting in a multi-coloured population that thrives throughout most of the country.

Adult males stand around 600-800mm at the shoulder and weigh an average of 42kg (95lb). Females are smaller with a shoulder height of around 600-700mm and lighter, weighing in at an average 30kg (65lb).

Their coat is generally short haired with variable amounts of underfur. The hindquarters of both sexes, and the neck and shoulders of males may be shaggy. Colour wise, they can be black, white or brown, or any combination of these.

Both males and females have horns, which do not shed annually like antlers but are retained for the entire life of the goat. All males and even some females are bearded as adults.

A trophy billy is a welcome addition to any New Zealand trophy hunting trip. A good goat trophy has horns that can reach some sixty inches across and many of our clients have opted to add one of these recognised South Pacific trophies to their ‘bag’.

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