Your Trophy

Your Trophy

As you have probably gathered, we think your story is the most important part of your High Peak experience. However, it is the trophy that brings this story to life. A well-mounted testament to your adventures, endeavours, hardships and experiences will be the one lasting reminder of those amazing times.

An Unparalleled Choice of Trophy Stags.

Every Red Stag trophy is unique and is a reflection of the individuality of the hunter. Recognising this, High Peak gives the hunter a greater choice of trophies than any other operation in New Zealand. This is because of a few key differentiating facts:

  • All our species, including all levels of Red Stag, run together on High Peak’s 4500-acre game estate.
  • The Game Estate is the largest contiguous certified estate in New Zealand, meaning more habitat, more animals and more opportunities.
  • Our pricing is based around wide score breaks and therefore a greater trophy choice for any given budget.

Your professional guide will take care of all in-field dressing and trophy preparation, and we will ensure that your trophy is delivered to our taxidermist for either mounting here in New Zealand or expediting to your taxidermist of choice.

First-Class Taxidermy and Expediting Solutions.

High Peak works with Big Game Taxidermy, our trusted taxidermist based near Christchurch Airport, for all mounting and expediting work. Andrew and Janine Holt and their team are New Zealand’s leading taxidermy company in terms of both size and quality. It is a status that has been well-earned.

While you can make your own taxidermy arrangements, we fully recommend using a local professional who knows the local species’ anatomy. These guys are specialists in mounting New Zealand’s game animals while their highly convenient location at Christchurch International Airport means you can view their showroom and discuss the vision for your trophy without chewing up valuable hunting or adventure time.

Take a look at some of our guests’ trophies by visiting our Hunters’ Trophy Gallery.

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