Fallow Buck

Fallow Buck

Fallow Buck (Dama dama) Available February – August.

If a Fallow Buck could be described in one word, that word would be aggressive. These graceful, multi-coloured deer turn into croaking, rutting beasts during the rut and will challenge anything that gets in their way.

Fallow were introduced to New Zealand via several releases between 1860 and 1910. Being a small-bodied deer compared to Red Deer and Elk, their ability to hide in scrub and cover is exceptional and to be successful, the hunter must exercise skill and patience.

Females have an average shoulder heigh of 850-900mm and weigh between 30-50kg (65-110lb). Males are slightly bigger with an average weight of 60-85kg (130-190lb) and a shoulder height between 900-1000mm.

Fallow Buck are the most variable species of deer when it comes to colour, ranging from brown-black and light grey to light reddish-brown, dark cream and menil, often with the presence of white spots running down their body length.

Like the North American Moose, the palmated antlers make for a different style of trophy. One of the world’s most highly adaptable deer species, hunters enjoy the challenge of this cunning and elusive quarry. The Fallow Buck makes for an exciting hunt and distinctive trophy and as tends to be the case with our deer species, the New Zealand examples are some of the best in the world.

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