Guiding & Equipment

Guiding & Equipment

One of the most important aspects of your hunt will be your guide. You will spend many hours in each others’ company, your guide will be instrumental in your hunting success and will undoubtedly form a big part of your story.

Guiding at High Peak.

At High Peak, we take guiding very seriously. Our guides are experienced professionals who have done a lot of hunting, are passionate about what they do and still have that hunger for the outdoors – whether with a client or not. Most importantly though, they are great ‘people’ people and are solely charged with your safety and your success, in that order.

High Peak’s Head Guide, James Cagney, also happens to be the primary author and instriuctor of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association’s (NZPHGA) Professional Hunter Academy (PHA). High Peak also serves as a host property for the PHA, providing lodging, facilities and a training ground for course delegates. This demonstrates our commitment to quality guiding practice in New Zealand beyond our own operation.

You can meet our professional hunting guides here.

Hunting Equipment.

Your guide will supply everything you will need for your hunt. This may include one of High Peak’s high quality Sako rifles courtesy of Ballingers Hunting & Fishing New Zealand and Beretta New Zealand. With regard to your own personal equipment, we can supply a list of what to bring, or alternatively, source or provide whatever you need while you’re with us.

Professional Photography Services.

At High Peak, we are extremely fortunate to have the services of Craig Smith exclusively at your disposal. Craig is an accomplished wildlife photographer who has the added skill of being highly talented with the paintbrush. Craig can film, photograph and document your trip and bring it all to life with a superb original artwork.

Most importantly though, Craig is an accomplished guide in his own right, and truly understands the essence of a hunting trip. You can see much of his work in the photos that grace this website.

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