Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking

At High Peak, we think food is a critical part of a successful hunting trip. We aim to provide our guests uncomplicated, quality fare utilising local ingredients to properly give our guests a taste of our part of New Zealand. Think roasted Canterbury lamb, wild venison, Akaroa salmon, fresh Pacific Coast seafood, seasonal vegetables from the High Peak garden – you get the picture.

 All meals are prepared for you in the lodge kitchen by your chef and host, including any specific dietary or cultural requirements and preferences you may have. We always have a plentiful supply of premium New Zealand wines and beers on hand to wash it down, along with a fully-stocked bar for toasting your hunting success later into the evening.

Finally, you can relax in good company as you enjoy the above with the hospitality that the Guild family and High Peak team are known for.

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