Arapawa Ram

Arapawa Ram

Arapawa Ram (Ovis arapawa) Available year-round.

The Arapawa Ram is the descendant of a flock of domesticated sheep that were introduced to Arapawa Island over 200 years ago as a food source for whalers. They a wild, hardy sheep that is totally unique to New Zealand.

They reverted to survival characteristics and evolved extensively into this unique breed on the small Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds, hence their name. They are usually dark brown and black in colour with white markings.

Females tend to weigh between 40-60kg (90-135lb) with an average shoulder height of 700mm. Males are slightly larger weighing in at over 60kg (135lb) with a shoulder height of 780mm. Usually, the average ram will possess 1- 1.5 curls on either side, however, it’s not unheard of to hunt a trophy possessing two full curls.

The classic Arapawa Ram trophy has an impressive set of double-curled horns, dark brown or black wool and a white blaze down it’s nose. The rams inhabit steep hill country, are hard-running and make for a trophy well worth the effort.

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