High Peak Game Estate

High Peak Game Estate

The core of the High Peak hunting experience is the High Peak Game Estate, where most of our hunting is done. It is perhaps best summed up by New Zealand hunting legend and NZAGE assessor Ron Spanton in the book Hunting with the Best by Kingsley Field:

“The station is owned by James and Anna Guild, and the game estate has to be the premier hunting of it’s type in the country – it’s nearly 5000 acres [8 square miles / 20 square kilometres], a mix of scrub-covered hills with patches of black beech forest. And it’s got good fallow, chamois, wild pigs, goats, Arapawa sheep, wapiti and red deer. It is the most natural game estate I’ve ever hunted…the country at High Peak Station would approach normal free-range hunting as closely as I’ve ever experienced.”

The Largest Fully-Certified and Audited Estate in New Zealand.

The game estate is bounded by High Peak Station’s farming operation to the south and east and the Korowai-Torlesse Tussocklands Park to the north and west. The boundary fence is six feet high and is more than 20 miles (32 kilometres) in length. The area is approximately one-quarter the size of Manhattan Island, but with mountains instead of skyscrapers.

Over 30 miles (50 kilometres) of tracks encircle the estate’s perimeter and high ridges, allowing vehicular access to a range of critical vantage points for spotting game. This aspect makes High Peak especially suitable for those with limited mobility or time, but who still want a fair-chase hunt on an expansive estate. Of course, for those wishing to stalk on foot, we simply leave the vehicle at the bottom of the hill and start walking.

Setting the Standard since 1987.

High Peak Game Estate established in 1987 and was the first property to be accredited according to the New Zealand Association of Game Estates (NZAGE) Industry Agreed Standards in 1995. It remains the standard by which all others are judged. Along with our dedicated free-range hunts on the 50,000-acre Lake Heron Station, High Peak can lay serious claim to the most complete private land hunting proposition in New Zealand.

Not all Hunting Properties are Created Equal.

Hunters should be aware that it is not illegal to shoot an animal in a paddock or pen in New Zealand. As a result, we have a proliferation of small blocks masquerading as ‘safari parks’ offering what could be deemed to be canned hunts. If the hunting experience is important to you, then you need to be seriously considering hunting on an NZAGE-certified Game Estate.

You’ll never run the risk of inadvertently booking a canned hunt on High Peak.

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