Bull Tahr

Bull Tahr

Bull Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) Available year-round.

If the Red Stag is the Trophy of Kings, then the Bull Tahr is the undisputed King of the Mountains. New Zealand has the only free-ranging population of these awesome mountain dwellers outside their native Himalayas and the only huntable population in the world.

Tahr share some characteristics of their appearance with large goats, to which they are related. They are sexually dimorphic, with adult females averaging around around 35-40kg (80-90lb) and males been known to weigh over 120kg (265lb). In Winter, Bull Tahr sport their much prized thick reddish to dark brown pelt, with a long, lighter coloured mane – one of the few animals in the world to do so. Females are usually lighter in colour, and in Spring Tahr lose a lot of their coat, becoming much lighter in colour.

Both male and female Tahr have horns, with ideal trophies possessing horns with a range between 30-38cm (12-15 inches). The lifespan of a Himalayan tahr typically ranges around 14 or 15 years, with females living longer than males.

Few sights can match a Bull Tahr standing on top of a bluff well above the snowline. The rugged environment in which they choose to live, between 3000 and 7000 feet, testifies to the sheer agility and hardiness of these animals and creates the ultimate hunting challenge. A Bull Tahr is a trophy earned and one of New Zealand’s most sought-after game species.

At High Peak, along with helicopter-assisted Tahr hunts, we offer a genuine, free-range foot hunt on some of the country’s finest privately-owned alpine country with zero pressure from helicopters and other hunters. For those hunters who appreciate adventure and have the ability to undertake it, this hunt is a must.

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