Game Animals

Game Animals

High Peak has a selection of iconic game animals for the hunter-adventurer to pit their skills against, each representing a unique challenge. The most sought-after of these species is the incomparable Rakaia Red Stag.

All of New Zealand’s game animals are introduced species, requiring active management from the hunter. None of the species listed below are rare or endangered, so hunters can be safe in the knowledge that they are not putting any species under threat. Equally, New Zealand’s ecology has evolved in the absence of grazing mammals and hunting on a managed game estate ensures a better level of environmental protection.

When you combine the quality of New Zealand’s game species with the quality of our hunting environment, it is clear why New Zealand is on every international hunter’s must-visit list, with High Peak the discerning hunter’s choice of destination.

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High Peak’s Game Animals

Below is a description of each of our primary game species that roam the game estate and our free-range hunting areas.

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