High Peak Special Packages – Improving the New Zealand Hunting Experience

High Peak Special Packages – Improving the New Zealand Hunting Experience

Posted on April 5, 2014 in Hunting Equipment & Tips · New Zealand · Opinion

By Simon Guild.

Today, we are launching three new High Peak Special Packages for the 2015 season. What’s so special about these packages? Well, we think that they put the ‘hunting’ part back into trophy hunting – something that we feel has slowly been removed from the New Zealand hunting experience.

What is wrong with New Zealand Hunting?

It has long bugged me, the guides here at High Peak and many of the hunters we talk to that New Zealand seems to be dominated by chequebook hunting. That is, the size of the trophy you take, especially where our signature species Red Stag is concerned, seems governed by the size of your bank account.

We feel that this detracts from the hunt, as it limits the choice at any given price point. It also means that in the heat of the moment, the hunter has to think dollars, and may in fact (and frequently has to) pass up the opportunity because:

(a) price is too high;

(b) the guide isn’t sure of the score and corresponding price; or

c) the animal escapes into cover while such deliberations are taking place.

All of these situations aren’t really conducive to hunting and I have personally spoken to a number of hunters who have said that they would love to hunt a New Zealand estate if it wasn’t for the proliferation of score breaks that dominate Red Stag pricing (some as small as 10 inches, while I know of at least one operation that charges by the inch)!

So what is High Peak doing about it?

Well, we are lucky in that we are owners of our own estate and managers of our own breeding trophy herd. This means we don’t have to buy trophy stock on the stud market and add a margin based on score. We can effectively price our animals at any price we like, and we do, offering the hunter a HUGE range of animals at a single price by expanding the score breaks to a massive 100 inches or more.

This gives the hunter the choice to choose his or her trophy based on any number of non-score related criteria such as points, width, non-typical features, mass, aggression and behavioural characteristics. There is so much more to a trophy hunting experience than score and we want to recognise this.

red stag on grass

Of course, there will still be limits to what a hunter can spend and we have addressed this by offering three different levels, to cater for a range of budgets. One thing that remains consistent across all levels however, is our commitment to a great hunting experience. Every hunter hunts the whole 4500 acres, any animal is fair game and guiding, lodging and the experience will be exemplary – and that’s guaranteed.

What are the Special NZ Hunting Packages for 2015?

Here is what we are offering hunters in 2015:

High Peak Special Packages are all-inclusive of airport transfers, lodging, guiding, hunting equipment (if required) and red stag trophy fee. They are fully customisable and there are are absolutely no hidden costs.

We guarantee you at least one definite opportunity – at rifle distance – to harvest a mature, trophy quality red stag with each High Peak Special Package hunt.

“Rewards of the Roar”

This hunt is perfect for the hunter seeking a quality representative red stag trophy along with first-class lodging, guiding, hospitality and extensive trophy choice.

  • Rakaia Red Stag up to 350
  • 5 days, 4 nights
  • All-inclusive of lodging, guiding, meals, drinks, transfers and equipment
  • Price available upon enquiry

“The Highland Hunt”

This is our signature hunting experience. The Highland Hunt provides the discerning hunter with a red stag trophy choice unequalled in New Zealand, allowing the hunter to stalk the animal that best represents their individuality and personality.

  • Rakaia Red Stag 350 to 450
  • 6 days, 5 nights
  • All-inclusive of lodging, guiding, meals, drinks, transfers and equipment
  • Price available upon enquiry

“Rakaia Premium Pursuit”

Occasionally, the outstanding sire stags that serve as the basis for our quality Rakaia red deer trophy herd become available for harvest. For the hunter looking for something truly unique and impressive, these hunts represent a rare opportunity. Availability is strictly limited and pricing is upon application only.

  • Rakaia Red Stag 450+
  • No of days / nights by custom arrangement
  • All-inclusive of  lodging, guiding, meals, drinks, transfers and equipment
  • Price available by application only.

If you want to find out more, including prices for each package, please make an Application.

Fill out our Online Application Form and we will get back to you with some more information and a detailed quote.

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