Hunting New Zealand

Hunting New Zealand

Hunting New Zealand is a sportsman’s dream in every sense of the word. The landscape is spectacular, the hunting terrain challenging yet enjoyable, the people friendly, the rivers full of fish, the game abundant and the trophy species world-class. If you have been here, you’ll know what we mean; If not, it’s time you came.

At High Peak, hunting is more than a business. It’s an absolute passion that’s shared by the Guild family and the team we are proud to have representing our property. This passion is demonstrated by an investment in land, lodging, infrastructure, game animals, people and brands that few can match.

Hunting New Zealand at High Peak is about giving you, the hunter, the basis for a great New Zealand hunting story. After all, being able to relay the experience via a good story is what it’s all about. We think every great hunting story needs three core ingredients:

  • The anticipation of a real adventure in an exotic location
  • The physical and mental challenge of undertaking the hunt
  • The sense of personal achievement in the after-glow of a successful hunt

At High Peak we strive to deliver these through a combination of a superior hunting environment, great trophy choice and top quality guiding and hosting. You will earn your trophy, and you’ll be proud to tell others of what you have achieved… and they’ll want to listen.

To understand what we mean, please take a look at our Hunters’ Trophy Gallery.

Your Own Private New Zealand Hunting Estate.

Having thousands of acres of beautiful fair-chase hunting land abundant with game virtually to yourself may sound too good to be true. But at High Peak, that’s exactly what you get. It’s all about you pitting your skills against the trophies you seek – with nothing else standing in your way.

Incredible Free-Range Opportunities.

In addition to the game estate, High Peak has private access to some of the finest free-range hunting land in the country. For the hunter who wishes to hunt solely free-range or add a free-range hunt to their estate hunt, our exclusive partnership with Lake Heron Station allows the hunter to experience the very best of South Island hunting without having to contend with other hunters, helicopters or third parties that could adversely affect the hunter’s chances of success.

What’s Your Weapon?

Rifles, bows and muzzleloaders are welcome on High Peak. All our hunting packages guarantee that the hunter will get at least one shot at an appropriate, mature, trophy-class example of the hunter’s target species, at rifle distance. It is High Peak policy that all bow hunters and muzzleloader hunters will be accompanied by a guide carrying a mercy rifle in the event of a misplaced arrow, bolt or projectile.

Looking for some Guidance on Hunting in New Zealand?

Hunting in New Zealand is a trip of a lifetime for many, but each year a few fall into the trap of planning their hunt with the wrong people. It’s worth remembering that the New Zealand hunting industry is unregulated and virtually anyone can be a hunting guide or outfitter. To help sort the wheat from the chaff, we recommend you download our New Zealand Hunting Guide to get the most out of your hunting trip.

Ten things to know about Hunting in New Zealand.

If you don’t have time to read the Guide described above, you can cut straight to the good oil here. Find out the top 10 things you need to consider when Hunting in New Zealand

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