Found! The Best Luxury New Zealand Red Stag Property You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Found! The Best Luxury New Zealand Red Stag Property You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Posted on May 12, 2014 in High Peak Newsletters · Hunting Equipment & Tips · New Zealand

In March 2014, the Hunting Report’s Kiwi correspondent Greg Morton visited High Peak to see what unique aspects we were bringing to the New Zealand hunting scene.

Here is what he had to say:

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Found! The Best Luxury New Zealand Red Stag Property You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Editor’s Note: At 10,000 acres with 5,000 behind high fence, High Peak Station not only has one of the largest game estates in New Zealand, but has been in operation since 1986 and is located only an hour and a half from the South Island’s international airport in Christchurch. So why haven’t you heard more about
it? Kiwi Correspondent Greg Morton explains.

After 30 years in the estate hunting business, there are changes afoot at High Peak that are likely to put it squarely in the sights of hunters seeking an exceptional New Zealand red stag. High Peak is a 5,000-acre enclosed hunting estate situated within the larger High Peak Station (Ranch). The enclosure is classic New Zealand hunting country, a potpourri of scrub-covered hills, open clearings, tussock and patches of black beech forest housing red stag, fallow deer, chamois, arapawa sheep, wild pigs and goats. So why is there nothing in the Hunting Report database on High Peak? Let me assure you that this is not because of any shortcomings in the operation!

For many years James and Anna Guild, the private owners of High Peak, have been in the background providing the land and quality red stags while independent guiding companies provided the clients. From 1986 to 2010 High Peak trophy animals were hunted exclusively by several well-known New Zealand outfitters who marketed themselves, not High Peak. This arrangement left most of the costs and most of the risk with the High Peak landowners. At times, this had an undue financial impact when an outfitter decided to move on.

When the Guilds’ eldest son Simon returned home from overseas recently, the family resolved that High Peak would pursue a new course under his direction. His overseas marketing experience has shown him that concepts like professionalism, credibility and quality are not just words to Zealand bandy about, but something overseas visitors respect. In his own words he wanted High Peak to ‘walk the talk’ better than any other New Zealand hunting operation and provide a product that encompassed not just hunting, but the whole experience.

So, High Peak has suddenly become “A Hunting Destination for the Discerning Few,” and Simon intends to establish the High Peak brand in its own right, as a 100% New Zealand family-owned and operated business. With that in mind, he’s committed to host only one party at a time to maintain exclusivity and privacy. He has also committed to providing top class trophies, particularly red stag, while at the same time de-emphasising trophy score as the primary driver of a quality hunt (the ultimate plan is to offer one price on all stag hunts on High Peak). Simon hopes to be able to market the game estate as one of the best fair-chase hunting destinations in New Zealand.

The property is very well placed, just 100 kilometers or so from Christchurch International airport. Clients can be driving around the estate viewing animals the same day they arrive in New Zealand. The lodging is at Terrace Downs, a luxury complex complete with spa and restaurant that surrounds an 18-hole golf course, making this ideal for non-hunting partners. All meals are prepared in the lodge kitchen. In the center of the game estate is a hunting “hut” and most clients spend at least one night here. This is particularly rewarding during the rut when stags and bucks are vocal and moving about.

At High Peak the Guilds manage their own red deer trophy herd, as opposed to buying animals at the start of each season. The station has long been renowned for producing high quality red deer stags through its genetic breeding program and descendants of the selected sire stags are found on the game estate. Gold medal quality stags are common, and High Peak animals are known for long, wide, symmetrical, heavy antlers. This means they can allow the hunter to choose their trophy based on any number of characteristics including shape, width, mass, number of points and behaviour – without constraining them by score – making each trophy a truly individual choice.

As mentioned earlier, High Peak clients will have exclusive rights to the whole game estate during their visit, which is unlike many game estates where clients are squeezed in, both to the hunting areas and lodge accommodation. At High Peak it will either be just one party at a time or perhaps two parties who know each other. Each hunting party gets 100% exclusive access to the land, animals, facilities and staff on offer with no third parties affecting the outcome of the experience. This is very important when clients are hunting over a number of days as they can target a specific trophy animal without fear that another client will harvest him first.

The Guilds have spent the last 40 years transforming the undeveloped property into one of the region’s premier farms and hunting destinations. Simon Guild is the logistics manager and director of hunting and his brother Hamish is the chief hunting guide. Both Simon and Hamish are members of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA). Clients will have the opportunity to dine with owners James and Anna Guild and be welcomed into the family environment that is part of the High Peak brand. James Guild formed the New Zealand Association of Game Estates (NZAGE), of which he is the current president, and High Peak was the first property to be audited and approved according to the NZAGE’s strict criteria.

Quality does cost and prices at High Peak reflect their desire to attract clients who are willing to pay for tradition and special pampering. High Peak is no bargain basement hunt destination, but prices are all-inclusive, meaning no surprises. Prices are available on request. Bull tahr hunts, trout and salmon fishing, and game bird hunting are also available on request.

For more details on the “new” High Peak visit their website at www., or contact them at; office telephone from the US 011-64-3-318- 6895, mobile 011-64-27-868-2415.



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