The Top 10 things to consider when Hunting in New Zealand (Part Two)

The Top 10 things to consider when Hunting in New Zealand (Part Two)

Posted on October 8, 2013 in Hunting Equipment & Tips

By Simon Guild.

This is the second part to our Top 10 NZ Hunting Tips. Check out the first part here.

6. Fitness.

You’ve decided where, when and what you’re hunting. You also know how you want to do it. Bodlinoviti If you’re an experience-oriented hunter who wants to get out there and really enjoy a physical hunt, it’s a good idea to get in shape first. The earlier you start working on your fitness, the better prepared you’ll be both physically and mentally when the first hill presents itself.

7. Hunting Firearms.

You want to make sure you’re appropriately gunned for the task. Ask your outfitter the appropriate calibre for the animals on your wishlist – we love answering these questions! Most outfitters should provide top quality firearms for the animals they offer.

Alternatively, if you already have the right tool for the job, importation of firearms into NZ is a straightforward process requiring a $25 temporary permit issued by the NZ Police upon arrival. If in doubt, ask your outfitter for advice.

red stag trophy

8. Your Trophy.

Or maybe Trophies. What do you plan to do to your trophy once you have harvested the animal? Prior to the hunt, you should give some thought as to what you’d like to do with your trophy. Full body, shoulder or European mount?

You have two options with mounting. Either mount the trophy here in NZ with your outfitter-recommended taxidermist or expedite for mounting by your taxidermist back home. Your outfitter should arrange field preparation and delivery to their recommended taxidermist as part of the guide fee, after which it’s up to you. server headers . But having an idea of what you want to bring home before you depart will help you focus on achieving exactly that.

9. Your Companion.

Some prefer to hunt alone with a guide as their only company but for us, hunting is an experience to be shared. Whether it’s your wife, father, son, best friend or hunting buddies, New Zealand should be considered as a destination that is well set up for sharing your hunt with the people who matter most. The right outfitter should be able to provide a great range of alternative experiences for those who don’t wish to hunt, while those who do should be welcome to join in on the thrill of a good hunt.

hunting high peak couple

10. The Story.

This takes us right back to the start – the very reason you’re considering New Zealand in the first place. Forget the trophy, the lodge, the score. Why do you really want to come all the way out here? For many, it’s about the story of the experience and being able to recount it to people for years to come. But most of all, it’s about your memory of a valuable experience to be treasured like gold. It’s a good thing to keep in mind when considering any hunting adventure, whether it be in New Zealand or anywhere else.


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