What about the Non-Hunters?

What about the Non-Hunters?

Posted on October 4, 2014 in High Peak Newsletters · Hunting Equipment & Tips · New Zealand · Opinion

Lately, increasing numbers of hunters are wanting to travel to exotic hunting locations with their friends and families. That often means that there will be non-hunters joining the trip – and why not? Hunting can take place in some of the most unspoilt, spectacluar wilderness areas on the planet and there is no reason whatsoever that these locales and experiences cannot be enjoyed by those that do not wish to actively partake in the hunt.

Consequently, many hunting operations from Africa to Argentina and everywhere in between now cater for non-hunters. Or at least, they claim to. There is a big difference between those operations that merely tolerate non-hunters out of necessity and those that fully embrace them as part of a multi-generational family or inclusive group adventure.

The fact is, many non-hunters play a pivotal role in the process of deciding where to go. So what should you look for when deciding on a location that will cater to both the needs of hunters and non-hunters? Find out five main points below.

Six Things For Non-Hunters to Look Out For.

1. Great Hunting. It’s obvious, but it has to be said that any good hunting operation catering to non-hunters still needs to deliver on their main offering, namely, great quality fair-chase hunting. Failure to do so renders such an operation merely a country resort with a bit of so-called hunting on the side.

2. Appropriate Accommodation. Some non-hunters are happy to stay in a draughty cabin or tent, but many will be more willing to travel to the ends of the earth with their hunter loved ones if the facilities offer good food, a good night’s rest and are a generally pleasant place to be.

3. Activities. While some people may be happy to relax and read a book, others will be keen to get out there and partake in the local environment. If that’s you, make sure that the operation in question offers some activities, that they are safe, affordable and not all three hours’ drive from the lodge.

4. Guides. Any hunting outfit claiming to look after non-hunters should manifest this claim in the form of guides. There should be someone on hand, at your request, to organise excursions and take you to the places you want to go. They should be qualified, personable and appropriate to the occasion (e.g. there is little point in a grizzled old hunting guide arranging a ladies’ shopping expedition).

5. Behaviour. Outfitters who welcome non-hunters need to do so wholeheartedly. This means setting lodge standards to ensure everyone is comfortable and treated with respect. Behaviour of staff and guests should aim to enhance everyone’s experience and not marginalise non-hunters, children or others – best to keep the dirty jokes on the mountainside, not the dinner table.

6. Child-Friendly. Any well-run hunting lodge should be child-friendly to some extent. Virtually every guest we host at High Peak had their first hunting experience as a youngster under the guidance of their fathers, mothers, uncles or family friends. If we cannot involve the kids in our hunting endeavours, what hope is there of them carrying on in our footsteps and indeed, the existence of places to make such endeavours happen?

Bottom line – if you’re a hunter looking for the best place to indulge your passion AND keep the family on side; or your a non-hunter looking for somewhere that the hunters can enjoy but where you’re going to be equally welcome – you need to consider all of the above.

What Does High Peak Offer Non-Hunters?

You can rest assured that High Peak offers all the above and more. Our entire approach is built around hosting couples, small groups and multi-generational families. In fact, outside the hunting season, our lodge is used to cater for personalised non-hunting experiences of the local and wider region – so we know our stuff on this.

First of all – the lodge. This building was designed to be equally as appealing to non-hunters as it is for hunters. Centrally heated throughout with large open plan living areas, this is no draughty cabin. With ample room for eight, our own professional chef and personalised country service, we can and often do host groups with a number of those not inclined to shoot.

Based from our lodge – which just happens to be an outstanding place to relax and read a book if that’s your preference – we have a number of appealing activities within walking distance or no more than a five-minute drive. These include:

  • Golf on a world-class 18-hole championship course
  • Clay target shooting and archery
  • A fully-equipped day spa
  • Two restaurants and a cafe
  • A freshwater hot tub
  • One of New Zealand’s finest scenic jet boat rides
  • Horse riding
  • Scenic walks
  • Climbing

Within an hour’s drive of the lodge – an easy day trip – the opportunities grow exponentially. Here’s what’s available within a 60-minute trip (often much less) with your own personal driver and guide:

  • Skiing
  • Heli-skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Fly fishing
  • Scenic flights
  • Off-road adventures
  • Skydiving
  • Shopping
  • Hollywood film locations
  • Christchurch city excursions
  • Antiques, Boutiques, Arts and Crafts

And further afield, within a four-hour round trip by road, the possibilities grow yet again for the adventurous:

  • Alpine train journeys
  • Wineries and country restaurants
  • Whale and dolphin cruises
  • Seaside resorts
  • Thermal pools
  • Ocean fishing and diving

What’s more, we’re absolutely committed to making any of the above happen if Mother Nature and good fortune allows it. We have done, at some point, every activity on that list. If the collection of activities on offer at High Peak doesn’t hold at least something that lights the fire for any non-hunter out there, we give up.

So if you’re a non-hunter looking for somewhere you’ll be happy, or a hunter wanting to ensure the important people in your life are going to enjoy themselves, with High Peak you’re in safe hands. And that’s guaranteed.


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