Hunting in New Zealand can be an Experience for the Whole Family

Hunting in New Zealand can be an Experience for the Whole Family

Posted on March 13, 2015 in New Zealand · Tourism

If you’re researching your hunting trip in New Zealand, you might be wondering what we in Canterbury, NZ can offer your family while you’re off hunting game. Well, you might take a few days off from hunting once you’ve read about all of the other experiences we can offer our guests on holiday. Whether you’ve got a family who is into the finer things in life like spas and fine dining, or you’ve got a dare-devil brood who are into sports that get their hearts pumping like white water rafting and sky diving – we’ve got something for every member of your family.

Family time at High Peak

It can be hard to find things to do as a family while you’re on vacation, especially when your kids and partner have different tastes. But High Peak is perfectly situated in the South Island and getting to Queenstown, Christchurch and various other picturesque towns is easy enough. Here are some ideas for family fun that you might not have tried before:

Hot to Trot – Horse Riding through stunning New Zealand Landscape

If you’re looking for something a little different on your holiday in the South Island of New Zealand, take a walk on the wild side with our High Peak Horse Treks. Our horse treks are professionally guided by our experts who will take you through the most stunning landscapes in New Zealand. Our horses can take you further into the High Peak game estate allowing you to get better views of the wild animals we have on offer, and best of all, our treks are suitable for people of all ages. We’ve got plenty of different treks on offer and can tailor them to your needs whether you’re a novice or a pro horseback rider.


Hello Birdies!

If you’ve got family members with you who want to try their hand at shooting but aren’t ready to shoot our wild game, then direct them to clay pigeon shooting. Another experience that’s great for all ages and levels, clay pigeon shooting is suitable for ladies, men and children. Newzengland’s clay pigeon shooting is available any day of the week and is only 10 minutes away from our hunting estate. From the complete novice to the very experienced shot, clay shooting can be a fun sport for all members of your family. The challenge is easy: whoever claims the most hits is the winner!

This incredible clay shooting ground is nestled in the stunning Canterbury countryside with picturesque views from foothills to Mount Hutt’s mountain peaks. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the forest walkway, rain or shine. But even the beauty of the landscape can’t compete with the excitement of shooting the clay pigeons. this is a must try.

If you’ve got a member of your family who’s been caught up in the hype of The Hunger Games, they can get their Katniss on by having a go at archery at Newzengland too.

Living the good life in Canterbury

You know the old adage: Happy wife, happy life? Well, it’s no joke. While you’ve made the kids happy with clay pigeon shooting and horse trekking, it’s time to concentrate on making your partner happy. High Peak has a lot to offer those who are attracted to the finer things in life.

The Spa at Terrace Downs offers a relaxing and rejuvenating refuge for your partner to escape the daily grind of urban life. While you and the kids are off shooting clay pigeons, your partner can indulge in one of the best spa experiences in Canterbury. Designed to ease the mind, body and soul, the spa at Terrace Downs has a menu that offers everything from facials and massages, to full body treatments and luxury pampering sessions. The beauticians use the best organic products available as well as soothing aromatherapy oils for extra relaxation. At the end of the spa experience, herbal refreshments are served in the relaxation room where clients can bask in the beauty of the views of the Southern Alps. If you’re keen to join your partner, there are couples’ sessions with joint massages! Mothers and daughters can also spend hours together in the spa while you and your son are on the hunt…Whomever you’re looking to spoil, send them to the spa…

Beautiful NZ Winery Tours

After all that pampering, your family will be getting a bit thirsty! High Peak can offer you wonderful winery tours at the Waipara Hills Winery and many more in the region. Whether you’re a wine snob or boxed wine will do, the Waipara Winery will talk you through the process of wine making from grape to bottle.

The tours will take you through the beautiful hills, through the vineyards and over to the Cellar Door where you can taste their exquisite wines. There’s a shop on site where you can purchase bottles for your home cellar, and a restaurant known for some of the finest food in the region. The best time to visit the winery is from March through May, during the harvest, but we can organise tours for you and your family anytime of the year.


If you’re staying with us at High Peak over the summer, Waipara Hills Winery is one of the host wineries for the Classic Hits Winery Tour, where you can catch iconic kiwi bands on stage while you picnic on the green with your friends, family and a few bottles of wine.

Adventure Time

Depending on how long you plan on staying with us at High Peak, we have a variety of other adventure experiences to offer you and your family. Ranging from low excitement to complete adrenaline rush, we’ve got something to suit everyone’s love of adventure.


At High Peak we’ll put you in the hands of expert anglers who will guide you through the best trout and salmon fishing spots in the South Island of New Zealand. Whether you’re a beginning fisherman or a pro, our passionate fishing guides will help you practice your Fly Fishing casting technique before heading to well-preserved springs, creeks, streams and stunning lakes.


Your kids will love catching wild Brown Trout and Rainbow Salmon surrounded by the unbeatable mountain scenery and untouched New Zealand backcountry. Our fishing options can be tailored to suit the needs of your family so don’t be shy and be sure to tell us what you’re looking for.

Jet Boating

If Fly Fishing isn’t your idea of a good time on your holiday at High Peak, but your family still wants to spend time by the water, then the answer to your problem might be jet boating. Our skilled drivers will take you through an intricate system of braided rivers, near the edges of multi-coloured stone covered banks and through the cleanest blue waters heaving with trout and salmon. Travelling towards the gorge, you’ll have the wind through your air and the fresh water misting your face. The scenery by boat is unforgettable: dramatic limestone cliffs plunging out of crystal blue waters, earthy hues of grey and brown where shags sit camouflaged.

If you’re looking for more excitement tell the driver to pull his trademark 360! But don’t worry, our drivers know these rivers like the backs of their hands, and they’ll take you and your family through this incredible terrain safely. If your family wants some time out, our drivers can take you out the remote islands and sneaky sandy beaches that most people don’t ever get access to. Pack a picnic and sit and enjoy the surroundings, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Whitewater Rafting

When Jet Boating doesn’t provide you with the level of excitement you’re craving, then look no further than Whitewater Rafting. We can take you and your family down the treacherous Rangitata Gorge for a fun and adrenaline pumping trip. We can offer you three hour long tours that will give you the time you need to learn basic rafting skills on some of New Zealand’s best rapids. It’s the perfect mix of rugged scenery and white water resulting in an incredible rush. Our Whitewater Raft trips include a light lunch before hitting the water, and a BBQ feast afterwards, once you’ve built up a massive appetite on the rapids. Please note that Whitewater Rafting is only available from October to April and we have an age limit of 15 years and older for safety reasons. Contact us today to talk about rafting options and to book the adventure of a lifetime.

Sky Diving

One of the most exciting experiences we have to offer at High Peak is tandem skydiving, and it’s not for the faint of heart! Our tandem skydiving will take you to the skies and let you free fall over the most beautiful scenery in New Zealand, and without any training. With our expert skydivers, you can free fall at speeds up to 200km while you overlook the iconic Southern Alps and the great blue of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t be scared: you’ll be securely harnessed to a friendly and experienced instructor, who will guide you through your free fall to a perfect landing. Ranging from 6,000ft to 12,000ft, you choose your altitude. For more information, get in touch.

Takin’ it Easy in NZ

Once you’ve had enough of the adrenaline rush, you and your family might want to wind down by taking some scenic drives through the many beautiful towns that surround High Peak. We can help you plan trips to Hanmer for the hot pools, Methven for some epic skiing, or Oxford and Geraldine for boutique shopping and wonderful lunches. And don’t forget Christchurch, which is full-throttle into its rebuild and has plenty to offer holiday makers.


Whatever it is you’re looking for when you’re staying with us at High Peak, we can deliver. Get in touch with us to day so that we can start planning the holiday of a lifetime for you and your family.

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