High Peak Unlimited Red Stag Hunt

High Peak Unlimited Red Stag Hunt

Posted on February 25, 2015 in High Peak Newsletters · Hunting Equipment & Tips · New Zealand · Opinion

We are very excited to announce a new package that has the potential to change the way big red stag trophies are hunted in New Zealand. We call this package the High Peak Unlimited Red Stag Hunt.

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AR and his outstanding stag – High Peak’s first ever Unlimited Hunt, Feb 2015

What’s the motivation behind the High Peak Unlimited Hunt?

Until now, hunters visiting game estates and some so-called free-range operations had to put up with hunting red stag trophies which were priced based on the estimated score of the animal in question. This often leads to a financial discussion, much guesswork and stress for the guide as he or she tries to judge the score of the stag’s antlers and a degree on indecision, all the while the trophy stag in question is growing increasingly aware of the presence of danger.

In the heat of the moment, the hunter should be able to focus on the task at hand – a quick, clean harvesting of the desired trophy – and not having to worry about phoning the bank manager (ok, I’ll admit that this doesn’t often happen, but I’m sure it has at least once…). The guide should be focusing on advising the hunter what he or she needs to do to achieve the above, and not stressing about whether the stag is 490 or 510.

What about the hunt itself?

At High Peak, the score-based pricing method has often sat awkwardly with us for precisely the reasons outlined above, which is why our pricing reflects wide 50-point breaks. This approach puts less emphasis on the score and more on the individual characteristics of the animal and the hunter’s choice.

However, we have taken things one step further and created a Red Stag hunt that is completely unrestricted. This means that the hunter can harvest any trophy stag on the estate for a single price, no exceptions. Obviously, this is no bargain basement hunt, so in order to guarantee quality of the trophy available, this hunt is offered on the strict proviso that we will have a number of stags that score comfortably over 500 SCI at all times.

Like all High Peak packages, the High Peak Unlimited Red Stag Hunt package is all inclusive. In this case, we’re talking six days guiding, five nights lodging, all meals, drinks, transport and trophy preparations for taxidermy. It also includes a range of complimentary optional extras exclusive to this package.

For the hunter that values freedom of choice, wrapped up in a proposition that includes the best lodging, guiding, estate and hospitality in New Zealand, this is your hunt. Never again will you have to consult the checkbook at the critical moment.

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 The High Peak Unlimited Hunt is all about giving the hunter total freedom of choice.

Why is this hunt not already offered in New Zealand?

How is High Peak able to offer a hunt that no-one else is offering? After all, we aren’t so arrogant to think that this is a new concept – being able to take the best trophy you are lucky enough to spot and successfully stalk has been a core part of the trophy hunting ethos for centuries. We’re simply bringing the hunting part back into the New Zealand Red Stag hunt.

The key lies in the structure of the industry. New Zealand’s red stag hunting has largely been driven by the SCI Record Book where bigger equals better. Because of this, most of New Zealand’s estate trophies are put-and-take animals that are bought, based on score, from stud farms at the start of each season. Because the wholesale price is based on score, the retail price must reflect this also otherwise the outfitter risks losing his margin.

So how does High Peak do it?

High Peak is different. Because we own our own land and deer herds, our stags are born and raised on the property, insulating us from the market. This means we can price the stags at any level we want – in this case, one price for everything – and let the hunter make the decision based on a range of variables – length, width, clean, messy, heavy, wide, arrogant, tall and yes, score. Each stag harvested as a trophy is a true expression of the hunter’s preference and individuality.

You can still hunt a stag by score on High Peak – we understand that not everyone has the wherewithal to undertake the High Peak Unlimited hunt. Even then, our wide breaks offer the hunter an unequalled choice at any given price level compared to any other NZ operation.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to harvest something as magnificent as this without having to worry about the price skyrocketing?

What does it cost?

Good question. Like all High Peak hunts, pricing is by request. If you’re interested in finding out what a hunt like this will cost you, we invite you to request our Price List.

Remember, you’re hunting an individual trophy, not a number. And price should never be the primary determinant of which trophy you ultimately choose to hunt.

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Everyone is unique. We don’t like to be treated as numbers, so why afford that injustice to the animals we hunt?

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