High Peak News for December

High Peak News for December

Posted on December 20, 2014 in High Peak Newsletters · Hunting Equipment & Tips · Hunting Stories · Hunting Videos · New Zealand · Opinion

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the buildup to the festive season. While for many of you December means winter, cold snow, warm fires and reflections on a hunting season recently past, remember that for those of us in the Southern half of the globe, we’re heading into mid-summer and that means our hunting season isn’t far away.

Thank you to all of you who have expressed interest in hunting at High Peak in 2015. As our season begins in less than eight weeks, we will be getting in touch with you early in the New Year to see where your plans are at if you haven’t yet secured your dates.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the holiday period, take care and we wish you all the best for a prosperous and memorable 2015!

High Peak Video Gallery

We’ve finally got around to putting some of the videos we have been producing over the past few seasons into a Video Gallery.

Video gives the viewer the opportunity to see what a High Peak hunt looks like from the hunter’s perspective. In future, we’ll be adding tips to help you plan your hunt, talking about our species and environment, and adding footage of our hunters ‘out there doing it’. Videos are currently on our YouTube channel and will be hosted on our website soon. VIEW OUR VIDEOS.

Don’t Catch Ebola in 2015

In 2011, we experienced a devastating earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand. As a result, many potential visitors to New Zealand postponed or cancelled their trips. The quakes have long since gone but now Africa has a crisis of it’s own. The Ebola outbreak is on a scale that befits it’s continent of origin and this will no doubt be affecting Africa’s appeal as a destination.

The point is, every now and then Mother Nature deals us a hand that floors everyone. It’s up to the individual to make decisions as to whether these events alter our plans, but dare I suggest it, that while Africa deals with Ebola, 2015 might be a good year to consider visiting New Zealand.


Photo Essay – Pre-Season Training on the Great Barrier Reef!

In late October the High Peak team (except one James Cagney, busy guiding hunters onto stone sheep in BC, Canada for Big Nine Outfitters) all travelled to Cairns in far-north Queensland, Australia for a spot of big game fishing.

If you’re ever in search of a bit of Hemingway-esque adventure, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend skipper Alex Johnston and his boat Shikari. You can visit his website here or VIEW THE PHOTOS.

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