High Peak Hunting News for April

High Peak Hunting News for April

Posted on April 19, 2014 in High Peak Newsletters

The High Peak Season for 2014 is well under way! See below for some photos of the trophies harvested to date. The March hunting conditions have been outstanding and we have had the pleasure of hosting men, women, rifle hunters, bow hunters, their families and their friends.

The Roar is now well and truly upon us and making for some very exciting conditions on High Peak Game Estate. We have also filmed some great footage of the early season hunts, so stand by for some great shows once the editior has worked his magic.

Hunt Cancellation: Mid-Roar Dates Available!

Due to unfortunate circumstances relating to health, it looks like one of our clients may have to postpone his High Peak trip until next year. If that happens, we will have a six-day slot from April 18-23, right in the heart of the roar, and the hunter will have total exclusivity of lodge and estate.

These dates are always the first to go, so if you’ve been looking for a reason to make the trip down under this year, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. GET IN TOUCH.

Trophies taken in March 2014.

We’re usually fans of showing our game in a living state, but sometimes you need to show the fruits of our hunters’ efforts. Here are the stags (along with many examples of our other species not shown here) of March 2014.

Chuck Gilbert’s Red Stag – wide, long and well balanced with fearsome lower tynes.

Brad Carlson’s Red Stag – tall, thick in the beam and with plenty of mass.

Joe Barrio from Worldwide Adventures and his Red Stag – wide, even, dark from rubbing on the matagouri.

Nikki Kirk a her Red Stag – a superb representative 15-pointer taken with a Sako .270 at 160 yards.

Tara Peel of Widowmakers TV and her Red Stag – a beautifully clean set of antlers taken with an outstanding bow shot from 40 yards.

Carl Drake and his Red Stag – a characterful 14 pointer with a very solid main beam length taken with a 40 yard crossbow shot.

Adam Kern and his exceptionally long-tyned Red Stag – note the distinctive forward-pointing brow tynes.

Ron Doering and his Red Stag – the most massive example we have taken this season. 33 points, palmated and very heavy – a monster.

Tony Adams and his Red Stag – huge mass, especially on his left side, and 26 long, clean points in total.

Exciting New High Peak Special Packages for 2015.

A big High Peak Red Stag waiting for you in 2015...

We’re really excited to announce three brand new packages for the 2015 season. These indicate a bold new direction for High Peak and a first for New Zealand estate hunting – where the range of stags on offer for a single price point is vast, giving the hunter unequalled choice over their trophy.

We’re putting the hunting part back into trophy hunting – where the choice of trophy is determined by the hunters’ eye and not their chequebook. We invite you to take a look at the Special Packges and make an enquiry if you want to know more. READ MORE.

High Peak is on Facebook!

 HPH Facebook Page

We are embracing social media for what it is – a great way to keep interested people up to date with all activity on High Peak as it happens. We’ll be updating the page regularly with photos and information. If it’s worth talking about, you’ll see it here first.

If you’re a Facebook user, please visit our page, like us (if you actually do like us) and add any comments you like. Do you think we could get 1000 likes by the end of the season? VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

We have more hunters on the trip of a lifetime arriving as I type, so to all of you in the northern hemisphere, we wish you a prosperous spring. Meanwhile, we will continue through our season and keep you updated on all the great hunts as they unfold.

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