Guest Testimonials

Guest Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it.

We appreciate that you will want to know what others think of their High Peak experience. The below testimonials are a sample of what our clients have to say about their time with us over the past few seasons.

All testimonials are in our guests’ own words and each of them, along with others, have offered to act as a reference for High Peak.

While we don’t publish our client’s contact details publically, individual contact details can be supplied upon request.

Sid Rana hunted High Peak in May 2014, taking a number of trophies over a ten-day period.

“High Peak” is an impressive and exceptionally well-run estate.  The Guild family take particular care in ensuring each hunter has an unforgettable experience, in a breathtaking setting that is one to remember for life. The quality of the hunting and guiding is exceptional. Hunting Chamois and Tahr is particularly exciting and unforgettable.

I look forward to returning to High Peak with my family.

Sid Rana
Kathmandu, Nepal and London, UK

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Greg Turjan hunted High Peak in May 2014 with his son Greg Jnr, wife Cathe and family friend Courtney, taking three Red Stags, a tahr and a chamois between them.

High Peak: the name stands for the highest peak quality hunt anyone could ever experience. I couldn’t have imagined how extremely perfect that this trip of a lifetime for my hunting family would be. The abundance and quality of game animals, first class accommodations, scenery, guide staff, photographer, chef, cuisine, and of course Guild family’s utmost attention to our safety and enjoyment, was all beyond belief. Truly, no place on earth can compare to the High Peak adventure that we were fortunate enough to experience.

Greg Turjan & Family.

Greg Turjan
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Ron & Jill Doering hunted High Peak with their good friend Tony Adams in April 2014, taking a number of trophies between them.

Dear Simon,

We just can’t stop talking about our trip and how fabulous your staff, your family and High Peak are! Thank you ever so much. The rest of our trip was equally great and the Barnett’s had to buy Ron many whiskeys because of his High Peak success.

Our very best,

Ron & Jill Doering
Percy, Illinois, USA

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Mike Liddicoat hunted High Peak in April 2014 with his wife Heather and good friend Bob Schroeder, taking a red stag each.

New Zealand has always been on our bucket list; for me to hunt red stag and for the two of us to experience your beautiful country.  From the time we met you and Kate in Akaroa in 2013, we knew that High Peak would be the place where we would fulfill our dream and pursue an outstanding Kiwi experience.

We can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed our stay at High Peak. Heather was delighted to meet Craig and photograph the stunning countryside, and she loved touring with Kate and seeing Duchess Kate in Christchurch!  My time with Stu and Craig in the field, making numerous stalks on red stag through mud, rain and matagouri, was the most unique hunting experience of my life!  Plus, the stag will look awesome on our fireplace at our cabin in Alpine!

We really appreciated your warm hospitality – you made us feel like friends, not clients.  We thoroughly enjoyed Hillary’s wonderful meals, the camaraderie around the dinner table in the evenings at the lodge, the opportunity to meet and spend time with your family, and the commitment, expertise and personal attention you, Stu, and Craig provided in the field.

In summary, we can only say that High Peak Station is First Class.  Thank you again for helping us fulfill our bucket list with such an unforgettable experience.


Mike Liddicoat
Tuscon, Arizona, USA

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Adam Kern and his friend Bev hunted at High Peak in March 2014, taking a Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Fallow Buck and Arapawa Ram.

The quality of game and terrain that High Peak offers I do not believe can be matched by any other outfitter in New Zealand. After talking to many other hunters in Montana, that have also experienced New Zealand, they regret not booking with High Peak on their first trip.

The hospitality of the High Peak crew was unmatched by any other experience I have been on. If you ever feel bored with this crew it would be your own fault. They always had something up their sleeves; from hunting (of course), scouting, helicopter adventures, jet boating, fishing, varmint control, sightseeing, photo opps, and of course mushroom hunting and rock picking for the non-hunter in the group.

At first I did not understand how important our own personal photographer would be to the trip but Craig added a whole new angle for enjoying your trophy after a successful hunt. He was also very knowledgeable and great entertainment during our visit to High Peak.

Coming from Montana and have always been on free range hunting trips in Montana, Alaska and Canada, I did not realize how challenging an early Fallow deer hunt could be. They have great eye sight and a great sense of smell. It made me feel like I was hunting a cross between a wary pronghorn and an old cunning whitetail buck. Trust your guide! James was great and very knowledgeable. He gave me great hunting advice, which when it came to taking each trophy animal I was confident it was the true trophy for me.

High Peak Station is full of breathtaking scenic views. Everywhere I looked made me think it could be another picture off a calendar for how beautiful and majestic it is in New Zealand. Getting to experience a hunt in New Zealand on a true working ranch was great. It was amazing to see the true roots of New Zealand’s agriculture. The quality of the livestock and working dogs was a sight to see for hunters and non-hunters alike.

Adam Kern
Billings, Montana, USA

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Tim Goles hunted at High Peak in July 2013 with his wife Jane, son Ted and daughter Katie, taking a Red Stag.

Our family was planning our ‘trip of a lifetime’ to New Zealand and Australia. As part of that trip I managed to talk my wife into spending a few days at High Peak Station. It turned out much better than either of us ever expected.

The terrain was incredibly beautiful and rugged. The animals were magnificent. The accommodations were excellent. Simon, his family, and everyone else involved were warm, welcoming, and thoroughly professional. I experienced a great (and successful!) hunt, while the non-hunters in our family were treated to a series of personalized adventures. We all came away thrilled with our visit, and hope to go back someday. The entire experience far exceeded our expectations.

High marks to High Peak.

Tim Goles
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Dick Tompkins hunted High Peak in May 2013 with his niece Jenn, taking a Red Stag.

‘High Peak’ – An understated impression of an experience we couldn’t imagine! Travel where you may, hunt the ranges and species you will, we then have the High Peak experience to redefine the “everything” destination. Most of us have experienced good hunts and pleasant family vacations. Thanks to the resources and talents of the Guild family, we were able to meld everybody’s “trip of a lifetime” together into one package.

With the stunning backdrop of New Zealand’s Canterbury Highlands and the Southern Alps as a base, the range of activities you offered us and the level of luxury accommodations, gourmet food and drink and individualized personal service puts High Peak atop our ‘want to go back to’ destination list.

Dick Tompkins
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

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Turk Webb hunted at High Peak in May 2013 with his wife Crystal, taking a Red Stag and Fallow Buck .


Crystal and I had the best hunting trip of our lives. The hospitality ya’ll provided was 10-star and High Peak was like walking into a hallmark card – I have never seen any place as beautiful as it.

With that, I shall return for a Tahr and Chamois hunt, and hopefully I can have the same crew (Lindsay and ol’ Smitty) to join me on the next endeavor.

Thanks for the memories.

Turk Webb
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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Scott Woolfolk hunted High Peak in April 2012 with his three boys, taking four Red Stags and a selection of other trophies.

Dear Simon,

Our experience at High Peak exceeded our expectations. You are in a select few who under promise and over deliver. I took my three boys for the most memorable trip we have ever taken, and we are still talking about it one year later. The personalized attention is more than what we expected, it is obvious that, you, Hamish, and Lindsay love the work you do. We actually received far more than expected, and I was touched by the hospitality shown to our entire family. When we walked away, we felt we had not only had a phenomenal hunting experience, but more importantly, we were able to enjoy a real family and real culture in New Zealand. It was a pleasure to have dinner at High Peak Station, and I would recommend it for everyone. The grounds, the setting, and the evening was next to perfect.

The memories we have will not be forgotten and we would highly recommend High Peak to anyone who is considering a true NZ experience.

Scott Woolfolk
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Rod Belsham hunted High Peak with his wife Coreen, sons Joe and Brodie in March 2012, taking seven trophies between them.


I just got back from Alaska and was thinking about my time with you guys, and I put some thoughts on paper when I was there. I am having trouble explaining just how great an operation you and your family run.

My family has not stopped talking about our time with High Peak, just how great the hunting was and the amount of game we saw is hard to explain. I am from northern British Columbia and want to hunt for the game in a fair chase environment and was concerned that the hunting would not give me the satisfaction of working and hunting for the trophies I was looking for. Lindsay, the guide I hunted with, was as much a hunter as I have ever met and understood what I was looking for. I have stayed in contact with Lindsay and we are planning to have him over to Canada to hunt with us.

The after-hunting experience that the Guild family provided was first class and when we left, our family felt as though we were leaving relatives to be seen again.


Rod Belsham
Prince George, British Colombia, Canada

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Steve Keinath hunted at High Peak in April 2011 with four good friends, taking 17 trophies between them.

To Simon, Hamish, Guides Lindsay and Stuart and to the Staff at High Peak Station, I would like to thank you all for the most exciting, wonderful and most professional hunting experience of my life.

Nine days of excitement and beautiful views. Not one minute of down time, from being picked up, sighting in the rifles, day hunting Red Stag, Fallow Deer, South Pacific Goat, wild boar and night hunting hares on the station, flying up into the rugged white snow capped peaks that surround the station, by helicopter, for Himalayan Bull Tahr and even a small plane ride down south for a majestic New Zealand Wapiti and finally being returned to the airport in Christchurch.

These guys showed us what professional really means.

Thank you again, High Peak.

Steve Keinath
Parachute, Colorado, USA

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Al & Peggy Huguet hunted at High Peak in April 2011, taking a Red Stag, Fallow Buck and Arapawa Ram.

To the whole Guild family. We already miss our new friends. Thanks for the incredible hospitality.

Hunting red stag in New Zealand has been a personal goal for several years. I had two main criteria in selecting an outfitter: 1. my wife, who was not a hunter, had to accompany me and have an enjoyable experience. 2. I wanted to have a very strong probability of harvesting a nice red stag.  We decided that High Peak Station could meet these goals.

WOW! My expectations were high, but we were amazed at every aspect of our adventure from the second we landed at the airport in Christchurch and were greeted by James and Anna Guild. Accommodations were great, hunting game was everywhere on the mountains, and our hosts exhibited incredible hospitality. We felt like we found a new family away from home.

Of course, a great hunt was most important and that part was amazing. Thanks Hamish!

Food, drink, extraordinary sightseeing and accommodations were more than we could have imagined. In Louisiana we use the term “lagniappe” which means getting an extra gift that we didn’t anticipate or purchase. I didn’t know New Zealanders were so good at this. They call it Kiwi hospitality. Thanks Simon!

I have been blessed to hunt and vacation in several areas of the country. Nothing in my lifetime comes close to this experience in New Zealand at High Peak Station.

Al & Peggy Huguet
Opelousas, Louisiana, USA

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Corinna & Kevin Slaughter hunted at High Peak in June 2011, taking a Red Stag, Fallow Buck and an Arapawa Ram.

I have been on numerous trips to New Zealand; none have been as personalized as my visit to High Peak on the South Island in the Canterbury High Country.  The High Peak lodge is truly a family affair with Mom and Dad overseeing everything, Simon and his lovely wife Kate as the host, Hamish and his wife Gemma as our hunting guide and sister Amelia and her fiancee Tom as our chefs.  Upon our arrival, we became the newest member of their Guild family.  We experienced the love that this family has for each other which in turn overflowed to my husband, Kevin, and me.

At High Peak, our every need was catered to carefully and in a timely manner.  We experienced the “lost luggage” scenario from the airlines as our luggage went to China!  Immediately the family pulled together and Kevin and I had exceptional clothing, hiking boots that fit, and high quality equipment.  They are always prepared for the unexpected which is travel in this century.

Few places in the world offer such a private and personal experience.  The large 4500 acre property was reserved exclusively for Kevin and me which is the norm with most of their packages.  The gorgeous property is mountainous with fantastic vistas.  While they cater to any physical level, it is a great idea to be in good condition.

Our guide happened to be one of the brothers, Hamish.  He was an excellent guide and he gave us unique insight into managing both the hunting operation as well as their other adjoining 5,500 acres of sheep ranching.  On our trip, Kevin had a great stalk on an Arapawa Ram and I had the pleasure to hunt a red stag that was so old that it had no teeth left.  It would not have survived the winter.  It was very unique with an extremely long drop tine that had a kicker off it and a gorgeous animal.

After our successful hunts, we were treated to tours of the country side, a private jet boat ride and wonderful shopping in a quaint fishing town where we both purchased possum sweaters.

I cannot recommend High Peak enough.  If you are truly looking for a unique adventure in New Zealand with fabulous hunting and/or fishing where you will have your every need cared for and enjoy a taste of the local area, this is the place.


Corinna & Kevin Slaughter
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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Andy & Kay Vail hunted at High Peak in June 2010, taking a Red Stag, Fallow Buck and Arapawa Ram.

Never in a hundred years would I have imagined myself dressed in cammo clothes crawling on my hands and knees up a hill through animal sign to watch my husband shoot a magnificent red stag.  My time at High Peak was one of the top memories of my life.  Nothing matches taking a bath in a wood heated tub beside a rushing creek on the first day of winter in New Zealand.

The Guild family made us feel comfortable, welcome, and well fed. The accommodations from the rustic hut to the comfort of the lodge at Terrace Downs were top notch.  We thoroughly enjoyed Simon and Anna’s use of indigenous ingredients in their delicious cooking.  Hamish’s guiding skills and knowledge of the animals enabled my husband to take three top notch trophies. James’s wisdom and knowledge of New Zealand livened the evening conversations. Kate is a delight that compliments the family.  They provide the touch of true hosts that make us feel like lifelong friends.  – Kay

First of all, thank you so much for making this trip happen, truly a trip Kay and I will cherish for years to come! I am still reliving the hunt every day!

I have attached a sampling of the pictures we took during our trip. Obviously we took a ton of pictures of the beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t, it was just incredible but I am sure you have plenty of those. Just the good stuff like the excellent animals I was lucky enough to get.

I did not plan on shooting a fallow buck but after learning more from Hamish about what a tough and aggressive little critter they are, I was having second thoughts. Then, when we were heading back to the “hut” we spotted the monster I ended up shooting the next day. What a beauty of a buck, and a great trophy! Same with the Arapawa ram, what a curl on that dude! But, of course the main trophy I came to New Zealand to take was the mighty red stag and I was not disappointed. Much more than I had hoped for as far as a good stag, GREAT stag! The sun came out and we were able to get lots of great pictures, just like it was meant to be!

In all, the trip was excellent. The Guild family are truly wonderful, warm friendly people that we both felt very comfortable with. Food and wine was top notch. It’s one thing to have great food but the presentation and balance of ingredients were impressive, even out at the hut! I was so impressed I took pictures of almost all our meals to share with people about the experience. Hunting certainly does not need to be canned stew…

Even the weather cooperated. We did not get rained on once during our stay until the last day as we were leaving for the airport.

Perfect trip, we loved it!

Thank you once again. – Andy

Andy & Kay Vail
Washington, USA

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Brett & Amanda Nelson hunted at High Peak in June 2009, taking a Red Stag, Fallow Buck and Alpine Goat.

“High Peak”… Living up to the very name, my time at High Peak was beyond any expectation I could have ever imagined. From the welcoming faces and open home of the owners, the services provided during my stay, to the INCREDIBLE beauty of the land, all topped off with the hunting experience of a lifetime.

The Guilds are truly the salt of the earth when it comes to providing their clients with an experience you will not soon forget. All of their accommodations were first class; from the lodge to their secluded cabin tucked away right in the middle of some of the most incredible hunting land I have seen. The scenic beauty of High Peak is something you cannot put into words… you have to see it yourself.

But ultimately, my main reason for visiting High Peak was for the hunting experience. The number of animals one will see in a day is unbelievable… from Red Deer, Fallow Deer, South Pacific Goats, to Pigs and even Opossum… the Guild family have the best trophy quality animals I have heard of in New Zealand. So, their name of “High Peak” is fitting… The “culmination” or “pinnacle” of the New Zealand hunting experience.

Brett & Amanda Nelson
Denver, Colorado, USA

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