Big Game Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef

Big Game Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef

Posted on December 1, 2014 in High Peak Newsletters · Hunting Stories

It’s a different type of big game but still hunting at it’s purest. In late October the High Peak team had a bit of pre-season training on the Great Barrier Reef, Tropical Queensland, Australia with Alex and Graham Johnston of Big Game – Dive Fish Film, based out of Cairns.

Here are some images from the trip as captured through the lens of our photography master (and 20 year big game fishing veteran) Craig ‘Horizontal’ Smith.

y'fin 1 WEB

Yellowfin Tuna breaking the surface

the A team W

Our crew aboard Shikari – Alex and Graham Johnston.

spearos WEB

Two successful spearfishermen…

spearo team WEB

The team after a morning snorkel and spearfishing session

snorkelling bommy WEB

Snorkelling a ‘bommy’

si's marlin1 WEB

500lb Giant Black Marlin doing what it does best

aj wire WEB

Alex wires a Black Marlin

si marlin leadered WEB

Big Black Marlin comes to the boat

si y'fin WEB

Yellowfin sashimi for lunch

si on 1 WEB

Simon, very happy

si 'fin2 WEB

Fishing doesn’t get much better

lunch cook-up WEB

The Pirate telling some tall tales of the ocean while cooking lunch

johnno helm1 WEB

The skipper – all concentration

james mack WEB

The Boss and a nice scaly mackerel

james fight WEB

James getting into his work on a 600lb Bronze Whaler

james fight 2 WEB

The fight is on!

whaler 1 WEB

Big Bronze Whaler comes to the boat

james bludger trev WEB

JAHG and his nice Bludger Trevally

HP reef team WEB

Four lucky anglers behind the heavy artillery

ham y'fin 1 WEB

Hamish and a nice Yellowfin Tuna

flybridge team WEB

Two Old Salts

ham chair 1 WEB

Hamish getting into some work in the chair

evening tales WEB

Johnno ‘mid-yarn’

carl y'fin 1 WEB

A happy Carl with tonight’s entree

carl trout1 WEB

Carl with a nice Coral Trout

carl mahi WEB

Carl and his outstanding Dolphin Fish / Dorado / Mahi Mahi

aj trout WEB

Master ‘spearo’ Alex and his monster Coral Trout

astonished WEB

The face says it all


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